The Quiet & The Chaos, 

Your wedding day will feel like a glorious rollercoaster of emotions. But the best kind. A neverending joyride.

Because this is YOUR day. The day where you’ll promise to spend the rest of your days together, ball and chain, locked tight. Netflix and chill, for life.

Surrounded by your family and best mates, you’ll be absolutely drowning in the outpouring of love. Each other’s and everyone else who’s around. 

Let loose and soak in all the feels. The excited nerves, the bellyaching laughs, and the frikin giddiness of it all. 

Nothing else matters besides the two of you lapping it all up.

Plus, I’ll be right there by your side, fly-on-the-wall style, to capture every single moment. No posing, no pretences, just straight-up, feel-good memories. 

Newcastle or Toronto, Bali or California, I’ll be there regardless. 

Just like your lifelong vows to each other, I promise you’ll get all of me and the best of me because your ‘best day ever’ memories deserve no less. 

I already know that we’re gonna hit it off :) 

Big Feels.

Heart Eyes For Days.

Wedding Photography in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, NSW & beyond


The Weird & The Wonderful.

Champagne Showers.
Beer Cheers.
Torrential Confetti.
All the XOs.

A loved-up celebration like no other, where you’re the main character.

+ Your choice of all-day coverage

Early bird or night owl, we’ll party for as long as you want

Your memories aren’t worth the skimp

+ Print shop access

Fill your home with your happiest memories in just a few quick clicks

+ Unlimited pre-wedding meetings

Only an email or call away, I’ve got you covered from start to finish

+ High & Low-Resolution Downloads

+ Comprehensive wedding guide

+ Private online gallery 

Print 'em, post 'em, send 'em to your Nan. I've got you covered

Everything you need to know for an ultra easy-breezy day

With 18 months of cloud storage so you can happy-cry over all the moments until you run out of tissues

When you’re up to your eyeballs in all the wedding planning bits, the last thing I want to do is overwhelm you with even more things to decide about.

Keeping it chill, all of my packages are 100% customisable. 

Your wedding, your call, but here’s just an example of what’s included as a minimum:

Worth the Dosh.

Starting from $3,300

Flexible Add-Ons… ‘Cos Why Not?


+ Film photography


+ Heirloom wedding album
+ Fine art prints

+ Additional hourly coverage

+ Second shooter

+ 7-day delivery (instead of the average 4-6 weeks)

+ videography


To explore all your wedding photography package inclusions, available add-ons, and all the fun stuff, hit the button below to request my Price & Info Guide!

I want you to have your cake and eat it too.

Something Spesh

You dream it, I’ll capture it

Some of us enjoy the simple things in life, relying on structure to keep us sane. Some of us enjoy getting unhinged and bungee jumping off cliffs. 

But in all seriousness, my entire philosophy is that it’s YOUR wedding - not mine, not Aunt Karen’s - and you should have all the freedom to celebrate it exactly the way you want to.

My packages are purely for guidance, based on what most of my couples go for. We can change, add, or delete anything you want (and even create one from scratch) to achieve your vision.

Sooo, whether you’re picturing a Coachellaesque multi-day wedstival, a quick “f*ck it, let’s keep it low-key” elopement, or if you’re planning something entirely different altogether, I’m all up for it and cannot wait to hear about it!

Talk custom to me

02 - Lock It In 

Unless we’ve already met in real life, you’re probably reading all of this and wondering “Will the real Zac please stand up?” Especially if you’re going to have me, some rando from the interwebz, shooting your once-in-a-lifetime day. I get it.

That’s why I’d love for us to hop on a phone call or Zoom chat to properly meet and get to know each other. Tell me what you’re planning, which show you’re currently binging…tell me all. Ask me anything and everything, let’s hash it out.

01 - Hi, Hey, Hello

Let's Break It Down

Soon enough, we’ll feel just like family

Ready to tick “find a rad wedding photographer” off your to-do list? I’m beyond stoked that you’ve entrusted your beautiful wedding day memories to me (and already counting down to it!)

To reserve your wedding date, shoot me an email letting me know which package you’ve decided on so I can send you some bits to sign off on. Once that’s all done, I’m all yours.

03 - Planning Fun

I’m a huge believer that your day should be a reflection of you and exactly what you want to be. So, I’ll do everything in my power to help you during your planning journey, whether it’s tweaking your timeline or recommending trusted vendors.

Only ever an email or phone call away in the lead-up to your wedding, we’ll catch up as often or as little as you like!

04 - Let's Go!

The day we’ve all been waiting for is FINALLY here! It is going to be EPIC, I can already feel it in my bones.

Documenting all the moments so you can be fully present and soak in all the feels - dance with your nan/ pop, get pissed with your best mates, eat all the cake - rest easy knowing that your joyful memories are safe with me.

05- Giggles & Tissues

Travelling back in time to relive all your favourite moments, you’ll receive your wedding gallery within 4-6 weeks of your big day. Pour that glass of wine, grab the tissues and get cosy. 

Cry those happy tears, feel the goosebumps and fall in love all over again. 

Wedding Albums

Fine Art

A whirlwind of love and laughter, made tangible.

You didn’t throw the party of the year only to let your best-ever memories get dusty on a hard drive, right? 

While digital photos are perfect for sharing online, there’s nothing like being able to hold your favourite moments in your hands. 

You two nervously locking eyes for the first time.

Mum frantically dabs at her eyes while Dad pretends that he’s not crying.

Pa holding Nan’s hand as they beam with pride.

The confetti. The high-fives. The feast. The drinks.

Utter chaos on the dancefloor.

You’re lost in a world of “OMG, how cute are we” nostalgic joy with each page turn.

Memories that you’ll never want to forget. This is an heirloom that you’ll treasure forever. And ever.

A lifetime of adventures await, this is your origin story. 

“We were lucky enough to be the first to have a photo album put together by Zac, and he did not disappoint! With a leather cover, thick pages, seamless binding and museum-grade photo printing, the quality is priceless.

A magical photo album that tells the story of our wedding day from start to finish - something tangible for us to revisit the beautiful memories from our day, and to cherish and share with loved ones for many years to come.”

- Matt & Camille

A magical photo album that tells the story of our wedding day from start to finish - something tangible for us to revisit the beautiful memories from our day, and to cherish and share with loved ones for many years to come.”

- Matt & Camille

“We were lucky enough to be the first to have a photo album put together by Zac, and he did not disappoint! With a leather cover, thick pages, seamless binding and museum-grade photo printing, the quality is priceless.

If every picture tells a story, film photos are the best sellers.

I've got a massive soft spot for film photography.

There's just something about the immeasurable, intangible, perfectly imperfect nuances that give every picture an instant feeling of nostalgia and romance.

And although I aim to edit all of my pics to emulate film, there's just something about film photos that can't quite be replicated by a digital camera.

Starting from $500

Film Photography

Whether you’ve just gotten engaged or just want some cute photos of just the two of you, this is for you.

You don’t have to wait until your wedding day to get snap happy! Plus, if you’re feeling a little nervy about getting in front of the camera (totally normal), you can treat this like a pre-wedding “practice shoot” or a cheeky date where you can just chill and have fun. 

We’ll explore your happy place - whether it’s playing scrabble at home, going on a casual beach stroll, camping, eating ramen or having a beer at your local pub - so you can do YOU. No cringe poses or “say cheese” smiles, I promise. 

Celebrating your one-of-a-kind connection, photos that will take you down memory lane in years to come.

Starting from $600

Enquire for deets

Starting from $600

When two becomes three, four, five…your heart and home growing as each year passes. A fierce love like no other.

Whether you’re welcoming your first bub into the world or just wanting to capture your family at this exact moment in life, let’s go on a little memory-making adventure together. 

Anywhere you’d like - cosy at home, playing at the park or running around on the beach - and I’ll meet you there. From tickle wars to quiet cuddles, this is all about preserving your memories while the clock ticks on.

Let’s stop the clock for a day so you can rewind back to this very moment and relive it all.

Enquire for deets

Every story deserves to be celebrated

All The Milestones




Family photography

Hit Me With Your Questions

Where are you based? Do you travel?

I’m based in Newcastle, NSW - but I’ll travel anywhere and everywhere to capture your story!
If you’re planning a wedding interstate or overseas, I’d love for you to get in touch so we can chat about all the possibilities. 

Can we pick and choose what to include in our wedding photography package?

Yes, you absolutely can!
My wedding packages are designed to be totally flexible, giving you the freedom to decide exactly what you want from me on your wedding day.

We’re wanting to keep it small…do you shoot micro-weddings and/or elopements?

You bet I do. 
There’s nothing more meaningful than an intimate celebration, whether it’s just the two of you or with a selection of your nearest and dearest.
I’m also obsessed with travelling and exploring our earth - combining your story with beautiful landscapes is my absolute passion and specialty, perfect if you’re planning a destination wedding or elopement! 

Will you help us design our wedding album?

Yep, you can choose your favourite photos and leave me to handle the rest. Or if you prefer a little surprise, I can design the entire album for you. 
Beautifully handmade in Sydney and delivered to your door with care. A deeply meaningful keepsake for generations to come.

Do you do videography?

My partner Jess does a limited amount of videos per year, let me know if you're interested!
If she's not available, I have a bunch of other awesome friends in the industry who I can recommend.

Sold, baby! How do we officially book you for our wedding?

Yewww, thank you! What an incredible privilege. 
Drop me a line about your preferred package (and any add-ons you want) and I’ll walk you through the next steps. Can’t wait, it’s going to be UNREAL.

A Memory-Filled Era Of Love, Today, Tomorrow And Forever

We can’t stop time but we can rewind.
Right back to the day it all began.
This is for you.